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What We Do

Gulf and Safa Dairies Abu Dhabi Specialized in the production Dairy and Juice Products such as Fresh Milk from Fresh Cow Milk and Laban Up, Yoghurt, Flavored Milk, Labneh, Cream from Recombined Milk and Halloumi Cheese from fresh Goat Milk . We do have a wide range of juice products which are made from Fresh Fruit Pulps.

The Past and Recent Developments
Gulf &Safa Dairies Abu Dhabi Established in 1980 with the production Capacity of 25,000 Ltr / Day and then By 2002 its expand to 130,000 Ltr / Day, Due to huge market demand by early 2010 we expand our plant capacity to 300,000 Ltr / Day with the manufacturing process with pasteurization, Homogenization, and Filling.

Gulf and Safa Dairies Has two Major Branches one is situated in Al Ain and the other in Marfa, Al Ain Branch Operations stared from 1986 and later in 2009 we started the Marfa Branch to give a faster service to our valued customers.


Gulf and Safa Dairies Abu Dhabi Has a separate Quality control department with the latest scientific laboratory equipment and the Qualified Laboratory Staff to use the latest quality controlling technique to ensure that our valuable customers consuming safety products under the supervision of our quality assurance professionals.

Gulf and Safa Dairies has got Dynamic Management with a systematic organization setup From Purchase to Distribution and having more than 300 staff to enable our operation faster and accurate and to keep our Valuable customers Satisfied.

Sales and Distribution
The Company has Five Major Distribution Centers around the United Arab Emirates and a fleet of more than 75 Refrigerated trucks to ensure prompt delivery status within 24 hours. This supplies not only reaching Hypermarkets and Groceries but also it reaching overseas countries like Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman.

Our Mission
Produce and distribute the Products in a high quality and safety way to keep our Consumers Healthy and Satisfied.