Who We Are

Gulf &Safa Dairies (ADH) Company (LLC) has got dynamic management with a systematic organizational set up which enabled our operations by establishing a new factory in Abu Dhabi in the year 2002. This innovation was fabulous with an expansion of the production capacity of 16,000ltr/hour. This factory developed the product "SAFA" to be more famous. Innovating manufacturing process with pasteurization, homogenization, filling equipments, latest quality controlling techniques and scientific laboratory equipments. It gives assurance to our customers that safety of Safa Products under the supervision of our Quality assurance professionals.

Gulf &Safa Dairies (ADH) Company L.L.C is one of the Dairy Companies established in 1978 with a production capacity upto 3,000ltr/hr and then expansion to 16,000ltr.hr in 2002. Gulf &Safa Dairies (ADH) Company is specialized in the production of Dairy Products such as Yoghurt, Flavoured Milk, Labneh, Akkawi Cheese, Halloumi, Majdellah, Double Cream from fresh milk in the Gulf region. Besides to Dairy, we have juice made from fruit pulp of all different fruits.